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Dog Owners Report Less Depressive Symptoms During the Pandemic


Feb 13, 2022

A study published in the Plos One journal on 15 December, 2016 shows that dog owners have fewer depressive symptoms than non-dog owners. The reason for this is that dog owners report more social support and less loneliness than people without dogs. It is possible that their pets are helping them cope with the pandemic. In addition, these pet owners report higher levels of happiness, lower anxiety, and lower levels of depression.

A recent study found that having a dog helped people feel better mentally and provided better social support. The findings of the study were published in the journal PLOS One. Major life events such as divorce, loss of a job, or death can have an impact on a person’s emotional well-being. But research has shown that having a dog can help mitigate the negative psychological impact of these major life events.

The study also noted that dog ownership can reduce the severity of depression. Although the impact of the pandemic has been severe on people, dogs are thought to have a positive impact on psychological health. According to the study, dog owners reported fewer depressive symptoms than those without pets. Besides that, dog ownership was also associated with more social support, which may have acted as a buffer against negative effects.

The researchers at the University of Missouri surveyed 768 pet owners and potential pet dog owners and found that dog ownership was associated with significantly lower depression and anxiety scores than those without pets. However, they found no significant differences between the two groups. The dogs had a positive effect on the quality of life of dog owners. This study also suggested that people who have a dog have better social support.

Having a dog brings a number of positive benefits to a person’s mental health. This study found that dogs provide significant social support and reduced rates of depression and anxiety among owners. Furthermore, they also reported a lower prevalence of anxiety than prospective dog owners. They also reported a lower level of depression than the non-dog-owners. In addition, pet owners were more likely to have higher levels of happiness and social support.

In a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, dog owners reported fewer depressive symptoms during the pandemies. The authors concluded that having a pet may increase their social support, which buffers negative effects on the human mind. They noted that “dogs are beneficial companions” and that their presence increased their overall happiness. The research showed that these factors were important for mental health and well-being.


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