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Can I Date an HIV+ Person? Suggest By Brunette Escorts


Oct 13, 2018

With ready availability of ARVs and other effective treatment options for HIV+ persons, it’s not easy to tell if a person is infected with the disease or not. Unlike in the past, HIV+ people can now have healthy and longer lives just like HIV- people as long as they use ARVs and act responsibly. However, that does not eliminate the stigma that is associated with HIV+ persons and the fear that they might infect others with the disease.

Apart from the ordinary people, even female escorts that have multiple, casual relationships with different people are concerned about dating HIV+ persons. Sex workers are obligated to ask their patrons to use protective measures like condoms during encounters. However, there are times when rules are broken. That’s why you may ask, can I date an HIV+ person?

HIV+ persons that are enlightened on the risk they expose their partners to will tell them about their condition. However, some may knowingly decline to share details of their condition with their partners. Additionally, some people are described as undetectable. These are HIV+ but the standard testing methods cannot detect the presence of the virus in their systems.

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