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Between Myths And Science


Jul 31, 2021

The Peacock, commonly known as the Amazons of the bird world, has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. The fascinating history of this spectacular bird is filled with tales of romance and tragedy. There are many different legends as to how Peacocks came into existence on earth. Some of these stories tell of the story of Noah and his family, where he and his children would kill a peacock and eat its feathers to satisfy God. The Romans are also known to have myths about how peacocks were given to them by the goddess Diana.

The truth is that there are many different species of peacocks, and each one has their own mating habits. These birds can be found from Australia to the frozen wastes of the Siberian tundra. Most species feed on a variety of vegetation, which includes leafy bushes, grasses, flowers and seed pods. They also eat berries, nuts and flowers.

Male peacocks differ from female peacocks in that they have longer bills and a wider forehead. Their eyes are larger than those of a female peacock and their legs and beaks are bigger as well. Unlike female peacocks whose coloration is generally mottled brown and pink, male peacocks vary widely in the shade and hue of their plumage. They can be green, blue, gray, white, orange and even brown. The males of this species are also known to display unusual traits such as displaying racy orange and black feathers in addition to the regular colors of red, yellow and white. When a male peacock mates with a female peacock, the act is referred to as “birding”.

Peacocks are among the most popular birds found in zoos. They are typically shown in flight as a part of the birding community. However, they are equally as popular for birding in the wild. While it’s believed that male peacocks primarily bird, it’s also been suggested that female peacocks are the ones that do the birding.

A popular myth about male peacocks relates to how the male lays his egg. Peacocks are among the most prolific birds in the world and when they breed, up to sixty percent of the entire bird population will be born with the ability to fly. However, this behavior isn’t seen in male peacocks very often. It’s believed that the male peacock does not lay his egg in a round manner because the tail of the male peacock has a tendency to wiggle when he lays the egg.

Another popular myth surrounding peacocks involves how some breeds are considered less attractive to women than other birds. One such breed is called the “dagger” peacock, which is the only type of peacock allowed in shows. In general, the male peacock is an attractive bird to women and their offspring. There are a few instances where a male peacock has been observed pecking at the throats of females. It’s believed that this act is meant to attract a mate.

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